Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Burlington City Council voted 4-1 against gun ordiance; mayor having a meltdown; The Hawk Eye and KBUR sits silent on the issue

On Monday night, the Burlington City Council voted down the gun ordinance that was written up by Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird. 

The only person who voted favor of the ordinance was councilman Bob Fleming.

Before the vote was called for, Mayor Shane McCampbell stated that he was in favor of the ordinance during the meeting.  He made multiple statements in previous meetings as well as television and phone interviews/broadcasts.

Mayor McCampbell denies that toy guns were to be part of the ordinance despite the wording that was made for the ordinance reading.  He became very animated and angry during portions of the meeting due to the overwhelming emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts being made about him, the council, and the police chief.  That includes about the mayor doing something unprofessional.

An editorial in The Hawk Eye discussed about the illegal misconduct each of the council members have been doing for violating the Iowa open meetings laws.  They are believed to have been committing walking quorums.  Its currently being looked into.

When someone spoke about Facebook-related content, Mayor McCampbell increased his anger and frustration towards the person(s) involved and stating that they are running their mouths.  He even goes further into saying the person who posted something on Facebook isn't from Burlington and that he incites in a threatening message about dealing with him one on one. 

He insists that its nothing more than propaganda and spreading of misinformation.  Doug Beaird also agrees.

Here is the entire session of the ordinance discussion during Monday night's meeting.

The resolution for the voting as well as the numerous comments being made within the 40 minutes worth of discussion in relation to the ordinance was not covered by The Hawk Eye as well as KBUR.  The only time the ordinance was mentioned was in The Hawk Eye.  There was only a small blurb indicating that the ordinance was discussed at the meeting.

The resolution in regards of the ordinance may not be finished.  It may be quietly being rewritten by the Burlington Police Chief.  It may be likely the ordinance will return to a vote on an updated version.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stupid teenagers walked on icy Mississippi River (Video); KBUR protected individual's names

Earlier in March, three teenagers walked onto the icy Mississippi River.  They were not charged for attempting the stunt because its not considered illegal to do.

KBUR didn't reveal the names in their article.  They also didn't link the video of them walking on the river.  In fact, they even had the image of the three of them removed.  Luckily for me, it wasn't too hard to recover it.

This is the photo KBUR had used for their article.  On the left is Conner Brockett, the middle is Preston Broeker, and the right is Luke Haviland.

The article was featured on their Facebook account however that post was deleted.

This is due to the person who was commenting was the camera man.  He revealed the other two individuals who were involved with the stunt.  Fortunately for me, I was able to screen grab some of the comments from him.

There you have it, folks.  He and his two friends are using their max brain power to walk on potentially unstable ice in short sleeve shirts and shorts.  Here's the video of them walking on the ice.

If you are not able to see the video, you may have to disable any ad and privacy blockers to view it.


Here are some photos and posts made by the individual who recorded and walked out on the river.  The first photo shows them on the other side of the bridge.  Its unclear whether they walked the entire distance from the other side on ice or on stable cement ground.

UPDATE: MAY 5, 2014 2:00 AM

Here are some Vines two of the three individuals posted.  Videos provided. 




Huron Island planning to be restored despite poor soil and flooding conditions

One of Burlington's Mississippi islands is planned to be restored.  The details will be revealed on tomorrows newspaper.

It seems like its a waste of taxpayers dollars due to the fact that the islands constantly get flooded by river waters, mosquitos attracted to the wet and sticky atmosphere, and the soil is often sandy or ruined by the river water.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Two BHS teachers on administration leave NOT fired for vile conversation against students

Nelson-Chiprez, chairwoman of the Social Studies Department at BHS, and Chris Kyhl, a math teacher at
the school, communicated with one another with derogatory content about students in their classrooms.

The conversation began on October 23rd.  It began as follows:

Khyl: “Good lord, I hate my 4th period. Haha,”
Chiprez: “Me too! They suck (expletive).”
Chiprez: “Where are you? Your sub lost control in period 4. What the hell, I just took a stick out of one of your kids hands while he was running through the hall with it before class.”
Chiprez: “period 4 was (expletive) nuts. I had to go over there twice, (the sub) finally sent someone to (Responsible Thinking Classroom).”
Chiprez: “your kids are (expletive).”
Khyl:  “God help me gonna smack some kids.”
Chiprez:  “aaaammmeenn.”

Jane Evans had little to say about the incident but expressed that the two teachers are currently on administrative leave while an investigation is being conducted.

Last Friday's article in The Hawk Eye.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Second Burlington fight caught on camera

Officers were notified yesterday about a fight video circulating around the Burlington Community High School.  Each of them were charged with disorderly conduct.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 teenagers bullies and attacks kid (Video)

Four teenagers attacked one teenager by the means of bullying.  In the video, it shows the kid being punched, kicked, pushed, and things being taken from him.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that the fighting took place nearby the Burlington Community High School's administration building.

The video was originally uploaded on Facebook between November 2-3.

The video was handed to the local police department.  The attackers were identified.  The school district is requesting to prosecute them.

UPDATE (11/6/2013): Another article from The Hawk Eye was published.  The four students are receiving punishments.

UPDATE (11/7/2013): Another article was published in today's The Hawk Eye.

UPDATE (11/15/2013): Another article was published in today's The Hawk Eye.