Friday, November 15, 2013

Two BHS teachers on administration leave NOT fired for vile conversation against students

Nelson-Chiprez, chairwoman of the Social Studies Department at BHS, and Chris Kyhl, a math teacher at
the school, communicated with one another with derogatory content about students in their classrooms.

The conversation began on October 23rd.  It began as follows:

Khyl: “Good lord, I hate my 4th period. Haha,”
Chiprez: “Me too! They suck (expletive).”
Chiprez: “Where are you? Your sub lost control in period 4. What the hell, I just took a stick out of one of your kids hands while he was running through the hall with it before class.”
Chiprez: “period 4 was (expletive) nuts. I had to go over there twice, (the sub) finally sent someone to (Responsible Thinking Classroom).”
Chiprez: “your kids are (expletive).”
Khyl:  “God help me gonna smack some kids.”
Chiprez:  “aaaammmeenn.”

Jane Evans had little to say about the incident but expressed that the two teachers are currently on administrative leave while an investigation is being conducted.

Last Friday's article in The Hawk Eye.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Second Burlington fight caught on camera

Officers were notified yesterday about a fight video circulating around the Burlington Community High School.  Each of them were charged with disorderly conduct.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

4 teenagers bullies and attacks kid (Video)

Four teenagers attacked one teenager by the means of bullying.  In the video, it shows the kid being punched, kicked, pushed, and things being taken from him.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that the fighting took place nearby the Burlington Community High School's administration building.

The video was originally uploaded on Facebook between November 2-3.

The video was handed to the local police department.  The attackers were identified.  The school district is requesting to prosecute them.

UPDATE (11/6/2013): Another article from The Hawk Eye was published.  The four students are receiving punishments.

UPDATE (11/7/2013): Another article was published in today's The Hawk Eye.

UPDATE (11/15/2013): Another article was published in today's The Hawk Eye.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Hawk Eye deletes original-titled article from its page and renames it for final piece.

I tried accessing this link earlier because it was listed as being the most emailed item at the time.

When I clicked on it, I was given this error message:

From further investigation, I came across the original name of the article.

The article that appeared two days ago was given a different title.  Its not clear whether the content within the article was modified or not.

Burlington Parks Department superintendent Ryan Gourley cancels 4 1/2 month wedding location reservation on day of wedding

Here is the article in question.  To summarize, the fiance' reserved his wedding reception in the area of Snake Alley on March 7, 2013.  The wedding was scheduled for July 27.  There was an agreement that the wedding reception will not block Snake Alley for people who would want to drive down the area.  There were no other conditions in the bare-bones previsions  

Fast forward to the day of the wedding.  When preparations were being made, tourists and bicyclists requested to travel down the alley despite the wedding reception that was being prepared and the slickness of the road.  Eventually, an officer shows up and eventually the situation was cleared up by the bride  The article doesn't list just who contacted the police, however its most likely involved with the individuals who wanted to travel down the alley.

10 minutes later, the same officer returns to the scene with an additional officer.  He was told that they would have to move everything because there were several complaints made by individuals about the alley being blocked by the truck located at the top of the hill.  The truck was parked up there originally to deliver chairs at the specific area.

Because of the complaints being made, the additional officer that accompanied the first officer contacted Ryan Gourley, the superintendent of the Burlington Parks Department to obtain an official ruling agreement made by the Kreigers.  The officer told Gourley that the condition was to not block road traffic on the alley.

Gourley made a statement not listed anywhere on the original contract that the ceremony was to be held on one of several steep city-owned grassy knowlls next to the boundary of the alley.

Due to complications, the Kreigers were forced to move all of the set equipment to the front entrance of the First United Church of Christ located on the top of the hill away from the alley area.

Councilman McCampbell disagreed with their decision of having them moved and that they shouldn't have taken their money in the first place if they didn't agree to the terms originally stated.

In the past, other weddings have been made within the Snake Alley region.

Gourley stated that quote, "There are community activities going on there, and we do a special event form in advance for that."

The Kreiger couple are looking for a refund of the $50 that was given to the Parks Department for the reservation.  However, officer coordinator Thelma Odell stated that the city council would need to approve for the refund before its issued to them.  The meeting that would be needed to approve is on August 19th, which is close to three weeks away.

Gourley is willing to hand them the cash and he'll do what he'll have to do to appease them.  He apologies that it didn't work out for them

Mrs. Krieger suggested that it should have been a 'no' given in the first place.  She believes that she is entitled more than $50 as a refund.  She lists examples of costs that added to the wedding.  The Kreigers are looking at the possibility of a small claims civil lawsuit due to these damages.

Gourley states that there will no longer be weddings held at Snake Alley and that they can't have this happen again.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shooting occurred at Maple Hill Apartments

A shooting was reported at Maple Hill Apartments earlier last night.  KBUR first reported the incident.

A user from Facebook group 'Pictures of Burlington' have taken photos of the crime scene.

Three squad vehicles shown on location.

Same squad vehicles in similar location.
Bullet casings and other evidence marked by markers.

Bullet casings and other evidence marked by markers.

Bullet casings and other evidence marked by markers.

The individual who posted the images also was a witness to the crime.  Here is his statement.